The reverse effect

Emissions reduction targets

CO2 can be extracted from fossil fuels before it is released to the atmosphere. This reduction, of some 90%, in CO2 emissions helps make a significant contribution towards meeting national and international emissions reduction targets.

Energy supply and security

With rising concerns over security of energy supply alongside the dwindling operational life of North Sea oil fields, 2Co's capacity to apply captured CO2 to Enhanced Oil Recovery will bring a new lease of life to this industry while providing us with a much needed and valuable resource.

Safe transport and storage

With proven experience in operating CO2 pipelines to draw on, 2Co can transport captured CO2 to locations where it can be put to work in producing oil. The oil fields themselves provide the existing and well understood sites necessary to store the CO2 safely once it has served its purpose. There it remains deep underground, permanently.

Social and economic benefits

Until an effective selection of alternative and renewable sources of energy can make enough of a contribution, we have no choice but to rely on fossil fuels as an essential part of the energy mix. By 'cleaning up the process' we not only make the use of this fuel more environmentally and socially acceptable, but we also revitalise the North Sea oil industry. By bringing new life to fields that, up to now, were reaching the end of their usefulness, the UK can now create new jobs on and offshore, generate tax revenues, and be the first to sow the seeds of a significant and worthwhile industry with global potential.